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What We’ve Been Up To

It’s been a while since our last overall update and if you weren’t one of our I AM BIG BIRD Kickstarter supporters (shame) and don’t follow us on Twitter (double shame!), you probably have no idea what we’ve been up to.  So, despite being disappointed in you for not being well-versed in all things Copper [...]

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I love our GoPros but am I “in love” with them?

  I do indeed love our fleet of GoPro Hero 3 cameras. The form factor is fantastic. You can put them almost anywhere giving you dynamic angles you couldn’t otherwise get.  We will often set one up and leave it rolling as we film with our other bigger cameras – giving us a “fly on [...]

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Finding and Using News Clips in Your Doc

So, you’re making a documentary.  Awesome.  And your subject gained some local notoriety back in 2003.  Perfect.  So you go to YouTube and try to find that news story.  Hm.  No dice.  No problem, you say.  I’m internet savvy.  I’ll held over to one of the big national news sites that must have covered this.  [...]

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So, What’s Up?

Hey, everyone.  How’s your summer?  Good?  Great. We’ve been busy here at Copper Pot and we figured this was as good a time as any to give you an update on all of our projects. I AM BIG BIRD I AM BIG BIRD is chugging along at a breakneck pace.  It’s crazy to think that at some [...]

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A Quick I AM BIG BIRD Update

If you followed us throughout the month of June, you no doubt know that we were traveling through Zimbabwe and Mozambique with the Egyptian national soccer team as part of WE MUST GO, our documentary chronicling the squad’s efforts to reach the 2014 World Cup.  If you’re a football fan, you were psyched.  If you’re [...]

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